What Is an Initial Game Offering (IGO)?

Most frequently, launchpad platforms are used to arrange IGOs. Participants who invest through launchpads typically have to lock the platform’s native token for a specific amount of time. Participants may be granted early access to the game’s tokens or NFTs depending on the initiative. On decentralized exchanges and NFT marketplaces, the tokens and NFTs acquired via IGOs may occasionally be traded outside of the game environment.

In order to raise money, blockchain gaming projects use the Initial Game Offering (IGO) approach. Similar to an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), an IGO also allows participants to assist the early development of the game while receiving early access to in-game assets. Mystery boxes, characters, skins, accessories, weapons, and other objects are frequently supplied as assets by IGO. Most frequently, they are NFTs needed to access or engage in the game.

Several IGO launchpads are available right now, including Binance NFT, BSCPad, TrustSwap, and EnjinStarter. IGO arrangements vary amongst launchpads, but often investors must buy the native token of the launchpad platform in order to participate. For instance, in order to engage in IGOs on Binance NFT, investors must have a particular quantity of BNB in their Binance Wallet.

Participants must lock their requisite tokens in a pool for a predetermined amount of time after purchasing them. They will then get the project’s token or NFTs based on the quantity of tokens frozen, depending on the allocation mechanism.

Binance NFT chooses award winners by a subscription system so that everyone has an equal chance of receiving NFT assets from the IGO. Participants occasionally have to hang onto their purchased gaming tokens or NFTs for a while before they can sell them on the open market.

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