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Women Crypto investors Rise in the Indian market.

Women Crypto investors Rise in the Indian market.
Image by Icons8_team from Pixabay

Most women believe that financial independence is of utmost importance. But in the Crypto space, women comprise a small percentage. According to Coinswitch Kuber exchange reports, women form 15% of their user base.

Why do women stay away from Crypto?

There are many speculations around Crypto which remains predominantly male. We generally look at cryptocurrency from two angles Tech and Finance. Women are often overlooked and underrepresented in the space. People believe that these fields are mainly for men.

There is another theory which states that women are risk-averse when it comes to investment. For example, Crypto is known for its volatility, and hence women tend to stick with traditional investment.

However, this is not true. A study reveals that more female investors than male investors confessed that they lack the familiarity of this new asset class.

Not just a boy’s club

The year 2020 was phenomenal for the Crypto space in India. After the supreme court clarified the legality, Crypto saw a steady rise in women investors entering the field. In addition, the Coinswitch Kuber cryptocurrency platform witnessed a 100% increase in its women user registration.

Why are women better investors?

Two peculiar factors make women better Crypto investors. Firstly, women are good at savings. More savings means they have more power to diversify their investments. Secondly, women tend to evaluate risks in almost everything. They mitigate them in the best way possible.

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