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XRP’s Forthcoming Rally: EGRAG’s Insight on the “Steel Foundation” and the $2 Mark

Prominent crypto analyst EGRAG recently turned the spotlight on XRP, forecasting an impressive rally that could push its price to a staggering $2. EGRAG’s insights have often hit the bull’s eye in the past, making his predictions much sought after in the crypto sphere.

A significant aspect of EGRAG’s recent XRP analysis is the “Steel Foundation.” Using a 4-month candle chart, he highlighted this foundation between $1.61880 and $2, pointing towards bullish momentum. Moreover, EGRAG stressed the importance of analyzing higher time frames in crypto chart evaluations. Such an approach offers a clearer market trajectory, largely unaffected by misleading signals.

For those unfamiliar with the “Steel Foundation” concept, it’s the base of each zone, acting as a price safeguard for XRP. EGRAG defined two distinct price zones for XRP: Zone A and Zone B. Historically, Zone A’s foundation, situated between $0.00485 to $0.00596, protected XRP’s price. From 2013 onwards, Ripple maintained its position within Zone A, but a bullish tide in 2017 ushered it into Zone B, which ranges between $0.25939 to $0.32630.

EGRAG’s meticulous analysis spotlights crucial moments for XRP. Specifically, in June and September 2022 and again in January 2023, XRP nearly breached Zone B’s critical barrier. These approaches to the brink could have led XRP to plummet. Yet, every single time, bullish interventions stabilized the price.

Furthermore, EGRAG identified a pivotal price range for Ripple: $0.80 to $0.85. In past bear markets, XRP consistently exhibited a downtrend within this range. However, he postulates that if XRP can secure a monthly green candle closing above $0.83, it might finally pierce through Zone B. Such a breakthrough implies the emergence of a new Steel Foundation.

Consequently, the window to secure Ripple at a rate less than $1 might narrow swiftly. Yet, EGRAG advises the crypto community to gear up for the potential XRP price leap to $2. This prediction is bullish given that XRP would need a substantial 299% boost from its current $0.51 to hit the $2 milestone.

As per recent stats from CoinMarketCap, XRP has experienced a minor 0.25% dip in the last day. Yet, with EGRAG’s insights and the looming possibility of a new Steel Foundation, the future looks promising for XRP enthusiasts.


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