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ZkAGI Launches World’s First Privacy AI DePIN, transforming AI x Web3 Industry

Dubai, 22 April 2024: ZkAGI, or Zero-knowledge Artificial General Intelligence, has entered the market, signalling a significant advancement in the Web3 industry. ZkAGI stands as the world’s first privacy AI decentralised physical infrastructure network, revolutionizing privacy and security protocols.

At the core of ZkAGI lies a robust privacy and security infrastructure, dedicated to upholding privacy standards within decentralized AGI frameworks. They aim to provide a secure and private environment for developers and users within the Web3 space.

This is a platform for developers to build secure decentralized applications (dApps) while ensuring the utmost protection of their privacy. The infrastructure integrates state-of-the-art technologies such as Zk, FedML, and DePIN.

Developers can leverage ZkAGI infrastructure layer to create a wide variety of solution architectures using Zynapse APIs, enhancing the accessibility and functionality of their applications. This development is particularly promising for users and developers utilizing a DePIN, as concerns regarding data privacy in decentralized environments are alleviated.

The potential applications of ZkAGI are vast and diverse, spanning across industries including healthcare, trading, defence, and beyond.


ZkAGI: Tackling the privacy challenges in the age of AI

AI often needs big sets of data to learn and get better. These sets can have personal information like names, addresses, bank records, and important things like medical history and social security numbers. Getting and using this data might make people worry about how it’s used and who can get it.

ZkAGI offers AI solutions while prioritizing the privacy of your data. AI models typically rely on training data, but ZkAGI refrains from utilizing the personal data of users by using encrypted methods to mask the information extracted from the user for data processing and using only the required masked data for AI model training and result generation.

They cater to developers constructing dApps and also extend their services to GPU node providers, including miners, enabling participation from anyone interested. Additionally, they provide storage and memory resources and incentivize participation through rewards in $ZkAGI tokens.


Unlocking the Potential of Privacy-Centric AI Applications

ZkAGI is an innovative infrastructure project that aims to decrease privacy-related AI compliance costs by 99% for developers. It also initiates a 60% increase in monetization from underutilized GPU capacity for both retail and enterprise users.

The platform identifies DePIN, ZK (Zero Knowledge) and Machine learning (ML) as the three main pillars.

Through this model, ZkAGI aims to promote the adoption of AI among users without compromising their sensitive information, paving the way for privacy-centric AI applications across various industries. 

  1. Zynapse API: The API layer which is the bridge between developer smart contracts and the ZkAGI Infrastructure enables tailored task execution and ensures privacy by design.
  2. ZkSurfer: A suite of privacy-focused tools for automated tasks, including private node setup, privacy-first marketing automation, secure browser automation, confidential code generation, and privacy-preserving image and video creation.
  3. ZkAGI Social Quest Engine: Facilitates community engagement activities like airdrops and quests while preserving participants’ data privacy.
  4. AI Model Launchpad: The ZkAGI AI Model Launchpad provides developers with a comprehensive platform for launching and managing AI models. With intuitive tools and resources, developers can easily deploy, monitor, and optimize their AI models for various applications.
  5. ZKAGI Privacy Ad Engine: A Secure, Fast, & Private Web3 Browser


Key pillars of the ZkAGI platform 

The platform boasts groundbreaking features: 

ZkML Co-processors: Empowering Zynapse, zKML co-processors ensure private and secure computation through zero-knowledge methodologies. With a trusted execution environment and federated learning, ZkML co-processors are resilient against exploits and vulnerabilities.

DePIN Incentivization: ZkAGI open-source DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network) incentivizes GPU provers, model trainers, and AI developers. By leveraging federated learning and zero-knowledge integrations, DePIN ensures data ownership while driving value across the network.

High-Speed, Low-Cost AI: ZkAGI’s architecture achieves up to 90% on-chain ML execution speed compared to centralized alternatives. Additionally, ZkML Co-processors offer up to 70% more economical solutions, making AI accessible to a wider audience.


About ZkAGI

ZkAGI is a pioneering AI company dedicated to revolutionizing data privacy and operational integrity in Web3. With its flagship product, Zynapse API, and innovative technologies such as ZkML Co-processors and GPU DePIN, ZkAGI is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses and individuals to thrive in a privacy-centric digital world.

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