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3 Cryptocurrencies To Buy Now For Ultimate Gains: MAGA (TRUMP) KangaMoon ($KANG) and Turbo(TURBO)

Turbo (TURBO) has recently experienced a major 16% price upswing which has resulted in a lot of attention from both investors and traders. But it’s not alone, as MAGA (TRUMP) also experienced a 39% upswing, and could soon reach new gains.

However, the most significant growth was experienced by KangaMoon (KANG) as the crypto is up 180% on the charts, and could soon spiked by 100x based on the latest projections. To see why these cryptos can provide the ultimate gains, and which is the best cryptocurrency to buy now, we will go over their on-chart data in detail.


KangaMoon (KANG) Spikes 180% – Price to Climb 100x at Launch

KangaMoon (KANG) is seeing a remarkable level of growth as a result of the unique approach it takes within the industry. Specifically, it features Social-Fi elements, a Play-to-Earn (P2E) ecosystem, all of which is fueled by a community-driven approach, and all of these elements are brought together to create a unique experience that can enable anyone to get rewarded for their time spent.

On top of the KangaMoon platform, anyone can create a character to begin interacting with the various gameplay elements. They can earn KANG tokens in the process, or mine rare NFTs through the completion of quests, through battling other players, or doing other community-oriented tasks. In addition, there is a dedicated marketplace for anyone to buy, sell or trade rare NFTs, incentivizing a solid economy.

The project has reached Stage 4 of its presale, where KANG’s value has moved up from $0.005 to $0.014, marking a 180% price increase. The project has also raised over $3.7 million, and by the end of the week can raise over $4 million. Analysts are bullish on its future and project a 100x price upswing following its launch and major exchange listings. These aspects position KANG as the best cryptocurrency to buy now.


Turbo (TURBO) Grows 16% – How Far Can It Reach in 2024?

Turbo (TURBO) is experiencing dominant on-chart performance as its green on the daily, weekly and two-week chart, following a prolonged period of bullishness. During the past week alone, the Turbo price has gone up 16%. During this time, the value of this cryptocurrency has jumped from a low point of $0.000721 to a maximum value at $0.0009732. 

This monumental jump for the Turbo crypto could result in even more gains, especially as its up 1,206.6% in the past six months, positioning it as one of the most high-growth cryptos. As a result, sentiment is bullish on its future, and according to the Turbo price prediction, it can end 2024 at $0.0012. As a result, it’s also seen as a top crypto to buy.


MAGA (TRUMP) Spikes 39% – Can It Move Above $10?

MAGA (TRUMP) is also showcasing dominant on-chart performance as its value has seen a notable 39% price increase. Just during the previous week, the MAGA price has gone up from a low point of $3.55 to a maximum value at $5.64. 

Now, the MAGA crypto needs to pass the $7 price barrier in order to reach new heights, and it can achieve this if it manages to regain the attention of crypto bulls. However, according to the MAGA price prediction, the crypto can end Q4 of 2024 with a value of $13.63.



It’s clear that both Turbo and MAGA have seen significant gains in the past trading sessions, and can result in significant gains. However, for traders and investors looking to get ultimate gains, with a 100x price increase projection, KangaMoon presents one of the most high-ROI opportunities for 2024. 

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