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4 GameFi Coins to Buy During the Dip

Market research suggests that GameFi will become the highest revenue-generating industry in the crypto space by 2030. GameFi tokens like Axie Infinity ($AXS), Sandbox ($SAND), and Decentraland ($MANA) have made outstanding strides in the previous years. 

$MANA rose from $0.0025 to $5.9, $AXS climbed from $0.2 to $16, and $SAND surged to $8.4 from $0.06 within a year of its launch.

GameFi tokens are incredibly profitable, especially for investors that get in early. As the crypto space awaits the full manifestation of the bull run, it’s important to identify crypto coins with good profit potential. Ready to claim your share of the upcoming bull run revenue? Here are four GameFi tokens to buy during the dip.

$GFOX- Best Play-to-Earn GameFi Token for a Potential 5x Increase

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is a new GameFi token with unique blockchain integrations. As a game finance token, $GFOX serves as the digital currency for Galaxy Fox game users. The game has a simple yet thrilling concept. It features space exploration with the aim of hunting and collecting Galaxy Fox NFTs.

Galaxy Fox provides an adventure game where players can engage in phenomenal battles using in-game assets from the merchandise shop. Winners receive reward coins after completing each mission. They can swap these coins for $GFOX tokens or use them to buy NFTs. NFT owners can easily sell their collections on popular NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.

 If you’re not much of a game enthusiast, holding $GFOX long term is a smart strategy to earn significant returns on investment.

Galaxy Fox is currently at its presale stage allowing investors to buy $GFOX at its presale price before launch. One major factor that’ll likely skyrocket the price of $GFOX is getting listed on major crypto exchanges like Binance.

Galaxy Fox founders predict that presale investors could earn up to 450% following the coin’s launch. Aside from the potential price increase, investors will also earn significant profits from staking rewards and tax revenue.



$ICP- Best Gamefi Cloud Platform Token

Internet Computer ($ICP) operates as a blockchain-as-a-service company. The company provides cloud technologies for developers to build blockchain-based software applications.

As a smart contract cloud provider, Internet Computer can host anything from Web3 social media to enterprise infrastructure, and decentralized finance.

$ICP is commonly placed under the GameFi category because of its use in building crypto games. Some popular crypto games developed using Internet Computer include; Cubetopia, a game that merges Minecraft and World of Warcraft, MetaSports Basketball, an open basketball metaverse game, and Plethora, a moonwalker-themed game.

 As developers adopt Internet Computer’s framework to build more games with interesting concepts, $ICP’s value will increase. $ICP is currently ranked one of the top 100 crypto coins on Coinmarketcap and remains a worthy investment for the upcoming years.

$IMX- Best Gamefi Gaming Infrastructure Development Token

Unlike ICP, Immutable ($IMX) focuses solely on providing gaming infrastructure for web3 game developers. Immutable services range from development of players’ wallets, NFTs, API integrations, payment checkouts, order books ,etc. 

Popular games including Age of Zalmoxis, Aradena, Auto Legends, BlockLords, Blade of God X, Gods Unchained, and over 80 more have been released using this Immutable’s gaming infrastructure.

More exciting games for web3 users will soon be produced thanks to Immutable’s recent partnership with Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab, a well-known game development company. The possibility for increased scaling of $IMX tokens exists if Immutable enters into more strategic alliances to develop ground-breaking games.

$GALA- Best Gamefi Coin for Free-to-Play Games

Gala Games is a Web3 gaming firm that focuses on AAA-level games. Gala ($GALA) is the utility token for Gala Games. Gala prioritizes video games above other blockchain services like music and movies. Gala Games creates a lot of free games with the intention of offering players increased autonomy, prizes, and freedom.

The Walking Dead: Empires, Champions Arena, Spider Tanks, and Legends Reborn: Age of Chance are a few of Gala Games’ well-known titles. Gala Games is well-known in the cryptocurrency community for its cutting-edge games and features, such as the gamified metaverse that serves as NFTs’ home.

Gala Games appears to have a bright future since the $GALA price forecast indicates that this is an excellent time for investors to buy.



If you want to invest in GameFi coins, $ICP, $IMX, and $GALA are excellent options. But with its committed play-to-earn games, staking incentives, tax revenue sharing, and liquidity pool earnings, $GFOX stands out as the finest GameFi coin to invest in. Purchasing $GFOX during the presale gives you the chance to invest early and make exceptional returns.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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