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4500 Participants become part of the Yuga Labs ‘Otherside’ Metaverse

‘Otherside,’ a much-anticipated metaverse gaming platform, invited 4500 participants.

Every NFT enthusiast knows about Yuga Labs, the famous creator of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). 

On Saturday, July 16th, Yuga labs invited 4300 participants to take the first trip in the metaverse game using their Ape game avatar.

These 4300 participants, the ‘Otherside’ land owners who are known as Voyager, were invited for a first-look tech demo and a tour of the immersive online platform. 

First Experience

All the 4500 Voyagers were assembled at a blank virtual lobby, and then they were given direction by the giant Bored Ape through a colorful portal into the Otherside Metaverse. 

After arriving at Biogenic swamp, they were directed to a centrally located stadium where they could test their avatars and abilities.

These Voyagers could then explore selected areas and interact with the game environment featuring a giant that attacked the voyagers if they got too close.

According to Yuga Labs, in the first phase, only other deed owners and third-party developers would be able to access otherside. These Voyagers would then be able to help in providing critical feedback and essential aspects such as software development kits and game-building tools.

Yuga Labs Otherside Lite paper

Yuga labs has also released Otherside Litepaper, which describes Otherside as a world-building platform providing an exciting environment to play, create, compete, connect and explore. 

The litepaper mentions that the tools and utility will keep changing and shaping up to the participation and needs of the community. 

Additionally, the Otherside is divided into 3 phases, and in the first phase, only the Otherdeed holders and selected third party would be able to participate. Also, in Phase -1, all Voyagers are invited to participate in a 12-part storyline about a mysterious Obelisk which has appeared in the Otherside universe. 


The Otherside intends to support interoperability. According to Gordon Goner, the “future will bend towards the open, interoperable metaverse.”

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