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$83M in $BTC Liquidations On First Day of ETF Trading — Is This Presale a Safer Bet?


Finding the best crypto to invest in at the moment is quite tricky. The market seems unbalanced, with the approval of $BTC ETFs and their trading debut having mixed results. Amidst investors’ concern and pessimism, market observers believe Galaxy Fox presale could bring some much-needed relief. The new meme coin is gaining traction, and its presale has been dubbed a low-risk commitment point. This means proactive investors are likely to gain massively from joining the presale. It could be a safer bet than committing to the highly volatile $BTC exchange-traded funds (ETFs) trading. 

Galaxy Fox Continues Progressive Presale Run As It Enters A New Phase

Galaxy Fox demonstrates high adoption potential at presale. It is in contention for having the best ICO this year and has raised over $2.7 million. By projection, $GFOX presale will end around $7-10 million if it continues at this rate. Galaxy Fox is expected to undergo ten presale phases. Each of which has a specified number of available tokens. The total presale token will be 3.5 billion, and at the time of writing, over 2.3 billion are sold out. 

$GFOX entered its new presale phase recently. And unsurprisingly, about 88.23% of the tokens available at this phase are sold out already. The meme coin is now gearing up for its 8th phase as it nears retail launch gradually. $GFOX’s new presale stage comes with a bonus. You can enjoy a 15% bonus by using the code “STAGE 7” when you want to purchase the presale token. However, this is the only pro associated with being this late to join the presale. 

Early investors are more positioned to enjoy higher margin profit from the meme coin’s potential return. This is because the previous stages’ token value is lesser. The next stage token is also set to worth more than the current one, making an ASAP decision is advisable. $GFOX isn’t just a meme coin with hype. It’s a token with real life and utility, and this improves its potential to boom. 

$GFOX will serve secondary functions on significant web3 platforms while being a primary token in its ecosystem. The token will combine GameFi, web3, and meme potential, giving it the features to thrive in the crypto space. $GFOX will be an excellent store of value in the long run, and its deflationary nature will ensure the value keeps appreciating. All these place it in the list of best crypto to invest in. The new meme coin is prepared to dominate the crypto market, and it’s showing signs already on presale. 

Proactive investors are in line to benefit from $GFOX’s great outlook. While speculators are bound to rue the missed chance if they don’t act now. $GFOX presale is, and here’s your opportunity to join now. 


Massive Liquidation After Bitcoin’s Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs) Debut 

$BTC exchange-traded funds (ETFs) debuted  in the U.S. Wall Street on Thursday, 11th January. However, the event wasn’t as expected for most, especially futures traders. Long and short $BTC futures traders got liquidated, as the confusing price movement resulted in about $83 million liquidation. 

Immediately after the first approved ETFs commenced trading, $BTC experienced a momentary spike, pumping to $49K. This triggered a bullish sentiment, driving the prices of other top altcoins. Solana ($SOL) and Ethereum ($ETH) were two significant altcoins that experienced about 10% price rise within this period. However, this didn’t last long, as $BTC reversed advancement, falling to $45,700, its initial level before the trade began. The top crypto is yet to break above $47K now, and the price action resulted in a huge futures loss. 

Market observers believe the volume spike by Grayscale Bitcoin ETF that led to initial price action was influenced by sellers. The second trading day hasn’t been any better, even though it’s not worse. The ETFs are still trying to find their feet, while $BTC has declined massively to around $42K. Analysts believe the market will get better before Q1 ends. 


Market experts have suggested $GFOX presale for investors facing doubt over $BTC’s volatile  ETF debut. This presale is an excellent opportunity for high returns and reduced risk. The meme coin/P2E hybrid  is gearing up to be one of the top new contenders on the market, and savvy investors shouldn’t miss out on the presale. 

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