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According to Vitalik, Facebook’s Meta will “misfire”

According to Vitalik, it is far to early to know what people want in terms of the Metaverse.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin feels that the Metaverse is still nascent, and the one created by Facebook meta will misfire.

While responding to a tweet by Dialectic co-founder Dean Eigenmann, Buterin said, “The “metaverse” is going to happen but I don’t think any of the existing corporate attempts to intentionally create the metaverse are going anywhere.”

Buterin also added, “we don’t really know the definition of ‘the metaverse’ yet; it’s far too early to know what people want. So anything Facebook creates now will misfire”.

Furthermore, some critics have pointed out that Meta defeats the basis of decentralized ownership of goods and services within Metaverse.

What is Facebook Meta?

Meta is a virtual world that Facebook hopes to build in the next 10-15 years. It is a virtual space where people can connect using AR, VR, and cryptocurrency.

It is defined as a self-contained world providing an immersive experience to its users.

Meta has developed many AR and VR applications, such as the VR workspace Meta Horizons Workroom which enables team members to collaborate and exchange ideas.

The Metaverse can be accessed by users wearing first-generation intelligent glasses that record audio and video while immersing them in virtual environments.

Current Meta projects

Despite being criticized, Metaverse has been used successfully, and The Sandbox and Decentraland are launching many projects.

Many successful Metaverse projects like Gala, Axie Infinity, Decentraland, and The Sandbox are gaining people’s attention.

Additionally, Metaverse developers have come together to launch Open Metaverse Alliance (OMA3). This alliance focuses on being more welcoming, decentralized, and democratized.

The momentum that Metaverse is gaining can’t be ignored. Many big companies like Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, Alibaba, Unity, and SOny are among the 35 tech companies that have become members of the Metaverse Standards Forum (MSF).

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