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Adidas and Ready Player Me have teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind online Ozworld experience

Adidas is going all out to promote the release of its current Ozworld Collection, unveiling the world’s first personality-based AI-generated avatar creation platform. The platform is being launched in cooperation with Ready Player Me, a cross-game avatar platform. Users will be able to construct their own digital avatars through the online Ozworld experience.

These avatars can then be taken around the web thanks to an exclusive collaboration with Ready Player Me.

Ready Player Me’s Collaboration

Adidas’ foray into the metaverse and the NFT area continues with this cooperation with Ready Player Me. Ready Player Me is a metaverse-specific avatar platform that works across several applications. After creating their own digital avatars, the platform would allow anyone to explore the virtual environment. Ozworld was first released in the 1990s and featured a dynamic adiprene cushioned outsole and top.

Fans of the collection will be able to design avatars that can use the Adidas Ozworld brand thanks to the relationship with Ready Player Me. Adidas issued a statement regarding the collaboration, stating,

“Each unique avatar will be able to traverse the web through a bespoke partnership with Ready Player Me.”
“This is the first brand partnership that pushes the platform’s limits – offering interoperability”
” in generative avatars with over 1,500 different metaverse apps and games.”

The AI-generated Avatar Creation Platform is set to begin on April 8th, with users who are Adiclub members or have Adidas NFTs eligible for early access to the metaverse. The first installment of the Avatars will be released on April 28th.

Avatars Should Be Used On Social Media

Users will be asked a series of questions before being asked to select their preferred Ozworld footwear silhouette. The questions will assist the platform in learning more about the users, and once this information has been supplied, the platform will translate it into a unique digital avatar based on the collection’s dynamic visual codes.

After creating their characters, users may animate them, try on sneakers from the collection virtually, and purchase them. Users will now be able to download their Ozworld avatars and use them as stickers or GIFs on their social media sites.

This agreement, according to Adidas, expands the platform’s capabilities by providing interoperability with over 1500 metaverse apps and games.

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