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Dev platform Stack Overflow fires 28% of employees amid escalating AI rivalry

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The technology Q&A forum has witnessed a decline in online traffic post the debut of ChatGPT in 2022. Stack Overflow, a platform catering to developers and programmers, is slashing its workforce by approximately 28%, citing the surge in the popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots. On October 16, Stack Overflow’s CEO, Prashanth Chandrasekar, disclosed the decision, attributing it to the challenges posed by macroeconomic pressures affecting the entire tech industry. Chandrasekar emphasized the company’s commitment to achieving profitability and fostering ongoing product innovation, highlighting the steps taken throughout the year to curtail spending.

Stack Overflow, a 15-year-old tech-centric question-and-answer forum catering to millions of developers, coders, and enthusiasts, witnessed a doubling of its workforce in 2022, reaching 540 employees. The recent layoffs, accounting for around 150 employees, mark a strategic move. In August, Stack Overflow acknowledged a marginal decline in web traffic compared to 2022, registering an average drop of 5%. Notably, in April of the same year, an above-average traffic decrease of approximately 14% was observed, likely attributed to developers exploring GPT-4 following its March release.

Addressing the impact of generative AI, Stack Overflow anticipated fluctuations in traditional traffic and engagement over the ensuing months. Tech publications, such as Ars Technica, attribute the rise of AI chatbots to declines in traffic and usage of conventional social knowledge-sharing platforms like forums. They argue that chatbots offer more targeted assistance than a dated 5-year-old forum post ever could. Platforms like ChatGPT not only assist in code correction but also provide optimization suggestions, along with explanations of each code line’s functionality.

Professor Panos Ipeirotis from New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business echoed a similar sentiment in an October 17 post. Meanwhile, Stack Overflow is responding to OpenAI’s ChatGPT with its own creation, “Overflow AI,” unveiled in July. The objective is to introduce novel features leveraging Stack Overflow’s community knowledge to empower AI, delivering developers personalized and trustworthy solutions. Chandrasekar, in conclusion, stated that the refinement of focus, priorities, and strategy aligns with meeting the demands of users, customers, and partners—a commitment to product innovation and the ongoing momentum of OverflowAI.

Inquiries made by Cointelegraph to Stack Overflow for comments were redirected to the October 16 announcement. In a parallel development, reports indicate that Coinhouse, a crypto exchange, has downsized its workforce by 15%. The French exchange has laid off 10 out of its 70 employees, citing “reduced enthusiasm for Web3 and a delicate global economic environment.” Earlier this month, a French hardware wallet provider also announced a staff reduction of 12%.

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