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An Interview With YOLOREKT’S Founder Yogesh Srihari


Built entirely on the blockchain, YOLOrekt is an engaging, fun, social, and potentially lucrative way to bid on the future price of crypto. Earn game fees and YOLO rewards by providing in-game liquidity, and become a master at bidding above the Strike price.

YOLOREKT is a unique and very interesting name. Could you please tell us what it means and what is the platform all about?

YOLOREKT is a decentralized short-term prediction market platform, built on the blockchain. It includes exclusive attributes as being the most intuitive and optimized for hyper-social gamification.

For people familiar with the stock market and sports betting, the words “Yolo” and “Rekt” may sound familiar. They refer to, respectively, asymmetrical profits and demoralizing losses. In fact, the entire Wall Street philosophy is based on risking long positions early to capture asymmetric returns and taking short positions to hedge against inevitable downturns.

This is a one-of-a-kind game that features bidding up or down, based on the changing price of an asset. Can you please tell us how a total noob can play – and win?

Users will be able to predict whether the final price of assets like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Doge, MATIC (and more to come) will finish above or below the Strike price and place bids on a predicted outcome. The platform’s core feature is its ability to start and finish rounds within minutes. The rounds are based on ‘Bid Up’ OR ‘Bid Down’, and allow the bidder to win or lose in just a matter of minutes – or coming soon in a matter of an entire day.

Is the YOLOREKT platform secure?

We have been thoroughly audited by QuillHash for complete and comprehensive security and privacy, and we have an ongoing bug bounty on Immunify

How easy is it to bid on the YOLOREKT platform?

Getting started on YOLOREKT is quite easy – the user can get connected with just a couple of clicks. All that Bidders need is a decentralized Wallet, along with a small amount of USDC (for gas fees) connected to the Polygon Network. More details on bidding can be found here: 

An all-new YOLOREKT is now LIVE, but when was YOLOREKT’s first launch? 

YOLOREKT was first launched in 2019. Despite being launched in a bear market, the decentralized application (dApp) quickly reached the top of DappRadar and at its peak, processed over $1M+ in volume. Interestingly enough, all of these metrics were achieved during a “crypto winter”.

What are the future plans for YOLOREKT?

We have a roadmap of fun and rewarding enhancements to YOLOREKT in the next 3-6 months. Currently, slated features are long-term games, games of various durations, new social components, binary outcome variants, multi-strike prices, in-game sports markets, multi-outcome games, and more. We also plan to incrementally add markets and assets in crypto, stocks, and forex.

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