Arte Surfside accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

Arte Surfside accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payment.
Ravi Gupta | Bitcoin World

The apartment decided to accept cryptocurrency for its remaining luxury residences that include the Villa Nove penthouse. Moreover, the apartment currently listed the Villa at $38 million.

The firm made a partnership with SolidBlock to allow potential buyers to pay in multiple cryptocurrencies. Arte Surfside included Bitcoin an Ether in this partnership.

Attempts to appeal Crypto Millionaires

The apartment Arte Surfside is now attempting to appeal towards the crypto millionaires and billionaires. Moreover, it is trying to build up a Bitcoin-friendly reputation in Miami.

The most exclusive condominiums of the region are the residences of Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and a well-known fashion blogger Arielle Charnas from Something Navy.

The cheapest Condo that is available starts at $10.3 million, with spaces that range from three to five bedrooms. The other accessories are a 75-foot indoor pool, meditation pond, rooftop tennis court, and a private temperature-controlled parking space.

Penthouse Condo

However, the highest sale to date was $33 million for the Penthouse Condo. The appartment relisted the same Penthouse Condo at $38 million. As the most exclusive luxury building of the city, they are positioning themselves for the future where half of the world’s billionaires are Crypto billionaires.

This will happen once Bitcoin reaches $200,000. In addition, Cryptocurrencies are already creating incredible wealth worldwide, and their real estate that will sustain the wealth to provide buyers with a legacy.



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