As BTC isn’t a property, it can’t be a crime.


A Russian court stepped back a request from the victim about a 100 Bitcoin robbery striving refund, the court pleading about cryptocurrencies to have no formal details.

Russian criminal court on June 30, refused to furnish refund to the victim, as they would be in many jurisdictions that would occur as a felony, arguing that BTC, as a virtual currency. Also the does not appreciate the same property protection as other objectives.

Back in 2018, two FSB agencies and accomplices kidnapped the victim and were urged to offer 5 million rubles or $90,000 in cash and 99.7 BTC. The kidnappers were punished over eight to ten years in prison.

Actual currencies did not belong to formal importance. The victim demanded the court rule to force the robbers to pay back the account. The court ruled partly in favour of the victim.

The court announced that it is unable to fulfil the lawsuit, as virtual coins were not acknowledged by Russia’s laws.

The victim may try to change in court however the future legal proceedings, this court determination is outstanding, declared that bitcoin robbery was not a crime.