Bear Market Web 3.0 Hiring Guides By Melissa Quinn

Web 3.0 hiring shouldn’t be done in haste since the process and ecosystem is new and requires careful planning. Here’s how to keep it right!

Bear market has set in and this is the time for improvement and innovation. However, web 3.0 hiring the top crypto talent can be challenging. In this article, Melissa Quinn, the chief operating officer of Risk Labs, the foundation and team behind Uma recommends how to proceed with the hiring. 

Attitude Over Knowledge 

Knowledge is good but attitude is over knowledge. Melissa believes that a team oriented, self directed and energetic person believes in the work he/she does. Crypto is a different realm, here there’s challenges around. So, respecting the work life boundaries is paramount for sustenance. 

Deep Interview Process

It is necessary to have an explorative, transparent and helpful process while interviewing candidates. Conversations, practice scenarios and exercises are some of the touchpoints that must be focussed upon. While hiring, if these aspects are taken into account, it will help ease the process  for the Web 3.0 and crypto space recruitment. 

Desperation Hiring A Big No

Web 3.0 and DLT space is rather new. That said, it is hard to map the right talents. Often enterprises lower their hiring bars. As a result, some bad hiring happens. Right now, there’s just 350,000 Web 3.0 developers active with the right expertise to take up projects.  Hence, though desperate hiring isn’t justified, most of the companies are doing it at the moment. 

These are a few ways through which you can expedite the hiring process and make it extremely efficient for a Web 3.0 space. 

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