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Beyond Bitcoin (BTC): Three Altcoins Poised For Explosive Growth – Celestia (TIA), Pixels (PIXEL) and InQubeta (QUBE)

Bitcoin (BTC) hit a price milestone in 2024 after hitting $60,000 this week. Expectedly, this ushered in a fresh wave of optimism and excitement into the crypto scene. However, looking beyond Bitcoin and positioning for staggering gains, the new and emerging altcoins poised for explosive growth are Celestia (TIA), Pixels (PIXEL), and InQubeta (QUBE).


InQubeta (QUBE): An Emerging Crypto Buzzing With Potential

InQubeta (QUBE) is an emerging altcoin with astounding potential. In the ICO world, it recently soared past $10.4 million in early funding. Poised to skyrocket after its launch, it is a recommended presale for good reasons.

Its innovative blend of AI and blockchain makes it a fundamentally strong altcoin with real-world applications. In the evolving crypto landscape, it aims to solve key challenges in the AI industry with blockchain, notably fundraising. Therefore, it will build the first crypto-based crowdfunding platform for AI tech startups.

The presale is currently in stage 8, and a token costs only $0.0245. According to experts, it will experience a 7,000% jump after its launch, making it a must-have crypto. You can become an early holder and position yourself for staggering gains by participating in the presale now.



Bitcoin (BTC): Hitting $60,000

Bitcoin (BTC) made headlines this week after hitting $60,000. Just a significant jump away from its all-time high (ATH) of $68,000, BTC is one of the best coins to invest in. Despite the massive buzz around GoDaddy’s integration with ENS and Wormhole’s snapshot of its upcoming airdrop, BTC has managed to stay in the spotlight.

With its upswing persisting, Bitcoin’s jump to a new peak is a matter of time, with analysts predicting a couple of months. It is worth mentioning that the BTC halving—a bullish development—will play a critical role in propelling its price.

However, despite its significant growth potential, Bitcoin isn’t a compelling investment for retailers, considering its price—at least not as much as altcoins. To better position themselves for huge gains, retail investors have their sights set on low to mid-cap tokens, especially new and emerging altcoins.


Celestia (TIA): A New and Promising Altcoin

Celestia (TIA) launched in November 2023 after successful token sales. As one of the new altcoins, it has been on price discovery, boasting massive upside potential. It recently registered a new peak, with the bulls constantly in search of new prices.

Given the above, Celestia is among the best cryptos to buy now. In contrast to old and peaked altcoins on the market, TIA is a new and shiny crypto, to which investors are often drawn. Hence, its community—which is growing at a rapid pace—will contribute to its price upswing.

If you wish to make it in the crypto space, Celestia is one of the cryptocurrencies to consider. Simply add it to your portfolio and HODL (hold on for dear life).


Pixels (PIXEL): Set to Lead the Next Bull Run

Pixels (PIXEL), one of the most anticipated tokens, finally launched on February 19, much to the excitement of the crypto community. It was an instant hit, with over $1 billion worth of the PIXEL tokens traded in less than a day after its launch.

It is preparing to shake the gaming world, with gamers set to enjoy an exciting ride. The Web3 game is powered by the Ronin Network and revolves around farming, exploration, and creation. In addition to being the in-game currency, Pixels is also a governance token, giving holders a say in the future of the game and the ecosystem.

As a new altcoin, Pixels has massive upside potential and is expected to be at the forefront of the next bull run—a good crypto to buy. To avoid FOMO, now is a great time to position yourself. WAGMI.



Looking beyond Bitcoin, the best new cryptos to invest in for massive gains are Pixels, Celestia, and InQubeta. These altcoins boast staggering growth potential, and you can participate in the QUBE presale by following the link below.

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