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Bitcoin’s Active Addresses Surge to 5-Month High, but Trading Volume Remains Steady.

Bitcoin (BTC) has recently witnessed a surge in active addresses, reaching a five-month high, indicating heightened on-chain activity. However, despite this transaction activity surge, BTC’s trading volume has remained relatively stable. Let’s delve into these developments and their potential impacts.

Active Addresses Reach New Heights

According to a Santiment report, Bitcoin’s active addresses reached their highest point in the past five months on September 14th, surpassing 1.1 million dynamic addresses. While Bitcoin had seen over 1 million active addresses before, this recent surge marked an unprecedented milestone. As of the latest data, there are approximately 268,000 dynamic addresses.

Simultaneously, the daily on-chain transaction volume ratio for profit to loss surged to approximately 2.34 on September 14th, marking its highest level in recent weeks. However, this ratio had subsequently declined to around 1.6 at the time of this writing.

30-Day Active Addresses on the Rise

Delving deeper into Bitcoin’s active addresses, the 30-day operational address metric displayed a slight uptrend. This uptrend began around September 9th, when it stood at approximately 18.1 million addresses. The number of 30-day dynamic addresses has increased to over 18.2 million.

These observed active addresses and on-chain transaction volume trends indicate significant activity within the Bitcoin network. However, further data and analysis are required to determine their impact on trading volume.

Steady Trading Volume

Despite the notable spikes in other metrics, Bitcoin’s trading volume has remained relatively steady, showing no significant increases. The latest data shows that the trading volume is approximately $13 billion.

The highest trading volume this year occurred around July 20th, when it surged to over $93 billion. This suggests that the overall transaction volume has remained within a normal range despite increased on-chain transaction volume and active addresses.

Bitcoin Outflows from Exchanges

Interestingly, while on-chain transaction volume could indicate profit-taking activities, real-time data shows that more BTC is leaving cryptocurrency exchanges. According to CryptoQuant’s exchange flow chart, BTC outflows have dominated at this writing, with a netflow of approximately -4,680 BTC, signifying a substantial amount of Bitcoin leaving the exchanges.

In conclusion, Bitcoin’s recent surge in active addresses and on-chain transaction activity indicates increased network usage. However, the trading volume has remained stable, suggesting that these on-chain activities may not have translated into significant trading activity. Additionally, the outflow of BTC from exchanges indicates a growing trend of holding and potentially long-term investment in Bitcoin. Monitoring these metrics will be crucial in assessing the evolving dynamics of the cryptocurrency market.


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