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Bitcoin’s Boredom Could Propel It to Outperform the Nasdaq: Is $47,000 Next?

While major US stock indices reach new 52-week highs and the Nasdaq approaches its previous all-time high, the world of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), appears stagnant. In this article, we delve into why this boredom in BTC could eventually lead to a significant surge, potentially outperforming the Nasdaq. However, before that happens, the next target for Bitcoin could be around $47,000 per coin.

Sector Rotation and Tech-Related Capital Flows 

Capital flows in financial markets dictate shifts between different assets over time. The concept of sector rotation in the stock market indicates that profits from the tech sector during a market bottom begin to transition into other industries, such as industrials. This rotation is already underway.

While crypto is not part of the stock market sectors, recent patterns between Bitcoin and the Nasdaq suggest a flow of tech-related capital into cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin often trails behind the Nasdaq for extended periods but eventually catches up and surpasses it, reaching new speculative peaks. If history repeats itself, this moment could be just weeks away.

Bitcoin’s Catch-Up Potential 

If Bitcoin follows its previous patterns, a bullish rally may be on the horizon. The chart indicates that Bitcoin has a significant catching up to do compared to the Nasdaq. Currently, the Nasdaq trades around the 15,000 level, similar to its position in late March 2022, right before the bear market commenced.

If Bitcoin can recover to a comparable level and timeframe, BTCUSD could soon be trading closer to $47,000 per coin. While there are no guarantees that the relationship will mirror past instances, as long as the crypto market remains stable, Bitcoin has the potential to outperform tech stocks by a considerable margin.

As major US stock indices soar, Bitcoin’s lack of activity may actually be setting the stage for a significant surge. With the potential target of $47,000 per coin, Bitcoin could outshine the Nasdaq. While past performance doesn’t guarantee future outcomes, investors should keep a close eye on the cryptocurrency’s behavior, as it could signal a game-changing shift in the market dynamics.


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