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BitMEX’s Hayes Predicts Billions in TradFi Moving to Bitcoin ETFs; InQubeta Presale Surpasses $8.5 Million, Beating Expectations

Prominent cryptocurrency trader Arthur Hayes predicts Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded funds (ETFs) could bring in billions from traditional financial institutions. The former BitMEX CEO says the new asset class opens up new trading avenues circled around financing, options, and arbitrage. 

Hayes believes investing in BTC ETFs opens up new investment opportunities for traders since prices would fluctuate globally, allowing investors to earn profits from the small differences between them. 

Meanwhile, InQubeta’s (QUBE) presale has passed the $8.5 million mark in token sales as its presale enters its seventh stage. The popular NFT project aims to make artificial intelligence (AI) investments easily accessible by providing an alternative to traditional investing avenues. 

Early QUBE investors have already accrued 220% returns and they will have earned 440% profits by the time tokens are launched on exchanges. 

Best coins to invest in: InQubeta (QUBE) investors on course to out-earn BTC investors

Bitcoin brought its investors about 150% returns in 2023, while QUBE delivered 220% gains to its backers. The new DeFi project is expected to once again outgrow BTC this year thanks to the huge problem it solves by providing an alternative way to invest in artificial intelligence. 


It’s common for mainstream investment channels to have income or net worth requirements most people can’t meet. For example, only those who have a net worth that’s higher than a million dollars can invest in angel investment opportunities. 

Thanks to InQubeta’s decentralized investment ecosystem, anyone can now invest in emerging AI startups and earn considerable profits as these companies grow. 

Many investors are betting big on artificial intelligence right now and investments in the sector have grown 12x since 2015. More than $120 billion currently backs the technology and that figure is anticipated to exceed $1.5 trillion in the next several years as the tech’s viability increases. 

Here’s how InQubeta makes AI investments more accessible for global investors:

  • AI startups get access to InQubeta’s NFT marketplace once it has been determined they are eligible to fundraise on it
  • These firms develop non-fungible tokens that symbolize investment opportunities. These ERC20 coins are divided into equal smaller portions to make them more affordable
  • Investors gain equity in these companies by acquiring their ERC20 coins with QUBE. The token serves as proof they own a small share of the company that made it and entitles them to any rewards promised on it like profit-sharing
  • Investors can hold on to their tokens as long as they choose or resell them on the NFT marketplace

Investors can also invest in InQubeta’s investment ecosystem by holding on to QUBE or staking their bag. Stakers are rewarded with more QUBE from time to time and anyone with a bag gets to be part of the network’s governance.

Exploring Bitcoin ETF’s market effects

Former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes believes the SEC’s decision to approve Bitcoin ETFs will lead to long-lasting, predictable arbitrage opportunities. He also expects their launch to lead to billions of dollars being concentrated for hour-long periods on less liquid exchanges that mimic Eastern BTC markets, creating arbitrage opportunities. 

Hayes expects ETF products to start appearing in major Asian markets like Hong Kong soon. He also thinks the SEC’s decision to greenlight ETFs could lead to other asset classes like ETF-based financing that would involve banks granting fiat loans against ETF holdings as collateral. 

BTC prices soared upwards and came close to breaking the $49,000 resistance level hours after the SEC’s decision was announced, but they’ve now come back down to $39,000, where support appears to have been found, for now. 


QUBE and BTC are two of the best cryptos to invest in right now for various reasons. BTC is expected to grow exponentially now that ETFs have been approved and its next halving approaches, while QUBE is expected to surge as much as 10,000% thanks to the creative way it makes AI investments more accessible. 

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