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Bored Ape Creators Unveil Bitcoin Ordinals Collection “TwelveFold”

According to a statement made by the firm on February 27th, Yuga Labs is planning to launch a collection of beautiful crypto-collectibles based on Bitcoin’s Ordinals protocol.

The name of the collection is TwelveFold, and it will include three hundred examples of generative art. Generative art refers to pictures that have been produced with the use of computer programs.

The twelve-by-twelve grid that serves as the foundation for each picture in the TwelveFold series is a nod both to the widely used base-12 timekeeping system and to the fact that Bitcoin Ordinals are distinguished by the date on which they were first created.

Yuga Laboratories did not make any announcements about the auction’s start time or end date. Instead, it said that the auction will be announced within the preceding twenty-four hours of the event.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is what has brought Yuga Labs the most notoriety. These tokens are created on the Ethereum blockchain. The firm attempted to put some space between TwelveFold and BAYC by referring to the new collection as a “departure from what was anticipated” and by claiming that the products in the collection would not be compatible with any of the other Yuga Labs initiatives in any way.

Since it was released just a few weeks after Casey Rodarmor debuted Bitcoin Ordinals on January 21, this collection is remarkable because it was one of the first Ordinals collections to be released. Ordinals, much like NFTs, are composed of media inside their structure. 

Ordinals, on the other hand, are mined on Bitcoin rather than Ethereum and comparable networks, and they save all of their data on the blockchain itself rather than in a linked file.

As of the 27th of February, data provided by Dune Analytics indicates that the Bitcoin blockchain has seen the creation of more than 202,800 Ordinals thus far.


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