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$BTC Bonanza! MicroStrategy Bitcoin Profits Surpass $3 Billion as This Memecoin Is Set to Change the Market

Bitcoin ($BTC) has been absolutely flying and forget leading the top ten cryptocurrencies $BTC now ranks as the world’s tenth-largest asset. Institutions are greedy for exposure and are willing to pay through the nose for it. In this $BTC bonanza, MicroStrategy Bitcoin profits hit $3 billion. What was once considered a crazy bet has paid off big time for Saylor.

This liquidity and price action is spilling over into broader markets. Bitcoin, the ultimate crypto for beginners is a safe bet, but investors seeking those 100X returns need to wander further afield. Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is one memecoin set to change the market, and its innovative new hybrid model is ready to shock the industry.


Bitcoin ($BTC): Saylor’s Bet & Saylor’s $3 Billion Profits

Bitcoin has become a magnet for global liquidity, and the Spot ETF approvals have unlocked the floodgates for trillions of dollars to enter crypto markets over the coming years. With regional banks looking shaky and a fresh round of dollar debasement predicted to occur next year, smart investors are running to the safety of Bitcoin’s fixed monetary policy.

Michael Saylor has been a vocal Bitcoin bull for years. He started to buy in August 2020, and since then, Saylor has continued to issue debt via MicroStrategy and uses it to buy up $BTC. While a rough ride throughout the bear market, MicroStragey’s 190,000 $BTC position is now $3 billion in the green of unrealized profits. Saylor is a true believer in the DCA strategy, and despite MicroStrategy facing consecutive quarterly losses, his conviction never failed.

Saylor’s average entry point is just above $31,000, and now Bitcoin trades above $48,000, and climbing his entry looks better every day. MicroStrategy has no intention to sell its $BTC stash, and Saylor’s bet on the digital era’s store of value has come off brilliantly. There’s a reason they call $BTC the perfect crypto for beginners. Over a long enough time frame, it really is as simple as buying and holding.


Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Ready To Turn the Market On Its Head

Galaxy Fox has started gaining serious traction with its presale shooting over $3.3 million, and this memecoin ICO has finally crossed the valley of doubt. When memecoins cross $1 million, more often than not, they shoot all the way to $100 million. Now, with Galaxy Fox in the driver’s seat, early presale participants are looking forward to seeing how far this gem can climb.

Holding $GFOX has become the de facto play for investors bullish on GameFi and memecoins due to its unique hybrid model. Galaxy Fox’s P2E component is a Web3 runner game that enables players to earn prizes at the end of each season and provides a massive draw for new users to enter the ecosystem. The memecoin exterior and tokenomics model give $GFOX that classic 100X upside, and together, these two qualities make $GFOX one of the only tokens on the market enjoying dual narrative tailwinds. 

Staking rewards are another big-hitting feature of this ecosystem, and the general consensus is the market is still massively undervaluing the tokenomics design. Galaxy Fox will allocate 70% of tokens to investors via its presale. Distributed ownership is the number one factor for memecoin success. It uses taxes to fund staking rewards, meaning no new token issuance. And the token burn periodically removes tokens from circulation.

Smart money has already realized that the total supply of $GFOX will be down only post-launch, and the demand to own $GFOX will only increase as staking rewards begin to materialize. Galaxy Fox’s hybrid model is here to shake things up, and it deserves the title of top crypto to invest in this quarter. 



Closing Thoughts: Barbell Portfolio To Maximize Returns

The barbell portfolio is an excellent strategy for new investors, and it entails a weighted portfolio consisting of low-risk and high-risk assets. $BTC, the perfect crypto for beginners and a classic store of value, paired with $GFOX, is an ideal match.

$GFOX provides that massive upside capable of lifting a portfolio into a new tax bracket, and with the presale already progressing into Stage 8, the window of opportunity is closing. Participate today before $GFOX takes off, and you have to buy in six months later at a 100X valuation of today’s price. 


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