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Coin Bureau Host Names Top Gaming and Metaverse Altcoins in Crypto

The host of popular crypto channel Coin Bureau is highlighting which metaverse altcoins investors should watch.

Furthermore, Coin Bureau Host Guy names three metaverse projects that will have long-term success.

Firstly, Coin Bureau Host, Guy mentions AXS

“I must admit that Axie isn’t much to look at…in fact, it primarily revolves around…”
“Pokemon-inspired characters that fight and breed in a straightforward game of strategy.”

“This NFT game is rather simplistic, however, it has thus far generated approximately 27,500 ETH…”
“in trading volume on OpenSea alone and counts over 30,000 active traders.”

More so, Coin Bureau Host Guy adds.
“The root of Axie’s success stems from the fact that it gives users the ability to earn…”
“while playing the game, a revolutionary economic advancement.”

Currently, AXS is trading at $133.24, indicating a 3.6% decrease from its seven-day of $138.27.

Secondly, Coin Bureau Host, Guy calls on The Sandbox (SAND). Of course, which is a blockchain-based virtual world where participants can buy, sell. Also, trade digital assets like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and virtual plots of land.

Notably, formerly a 2D mobile game, The Sandbox then is converted into a 3D metaverse built on Ethereum (ETH). So, as per Coin Bureau Host, Guy, the platform’s unique view on virtual real estate makes it different.

“What I find particularly appealing about The Sandbox is its virtual land base metaverse…”
“Lands are pieces of digital real estate within The Sandbox metaverse that players can buy to build experiences on top of.”

“This essentially means players can populate their land with…”
“in-game assets to create authentic gaming experiences.”

Additionally, Coin Bureau Host, Guy continues.
“The important thing to note here is that each land is classified and stored on-chain as an NFT…”
“on the Ethereum blockchain which makes lands tradeable and fully customizable.”

Currently, SAND is trading at $6.40.

Lastly, Coin Bureau Host, Guy mentions Netvrk (NTVRK), a social virtual world allowing users to create various types of NFTs. Also, earn passive revenue by selling or leasing their property. More so, it permits users buy “prime” real estate using tokens.

So, Coin Bureau Host, Guy explains.
“This metaverse project furthermore lets users buy assets within its virtual domain,…”
“which include buildings, offices, vehicles, and houses, and anything you can think of.”

“Now imagine being able to use the platform’s tokens to purchase land in prime real estate hotspots,…”
“such as a cute studio loft overlooking the beach of a penthouse…”
“right in the heart of the city. Well with Netvrk, this is all very possible.”

Then, NTVRK is trading at $6.80, showing a 21% increase from its seven-day low of $5.58.

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