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Coinbase app is ‘broken’ for UX, admits CEO Brian Armstrong

San Francisco, CA — August 23, 2023

Coinbase’s visionary CEO Brian Armstrong candidly addressed the current state of the platform’s user experience on the innovative layer-2 network Base. This public acknowledgment signals a promising commitment to enhance user satisfaction as the platform’s capabilities expand within decentralized applications and non-fungible tokens.

Armstrong’s declaration comes amidst the ongoing “Onchain Summer” festivities, a month-long extravaganza of product unveilings, brand showcases, and captivating non-fungible token presentations, which commenced on August 9 and will enrapture enthusiasts until the end of the month. Despite the celebratory spirit, the event has uncovered inherent flaws within the Coinbase app’s interface, notably in non-fungible tokens, decentralized applications, and layer-2 protocols.

Soliciting valuable insights from the user community, Armstrong earnestly encouraged Coinbase’s dedicated user base to contribute their feedback in response to his post. This proactive approach underscores the company’s commitment to prioritizing and rectifying the most pressing concerns. Users can anticipate a whirlwind of swift updates to address these glaring pain points as the ensuing two weeks unfold.

Eliciting a remarkable resonance among the Coinbase community, the most favorably received feedback at the time of this publication hailed from Racer, a proficient developer from Friendtech. Racer’s pragmatic suggestion called for the expedited implementation of a seamless settlement credit card on-ramp to Coinbase. The ingenious proposal’s standout feature was its ability to circumvent users’ need to establish a separate account, expediting the transaction process and enhancing overall convenience.

A subsequent plea echoed the collective sentiment of users grappling with an ongoing bug that hindered the harmonious synchronization of Coinbase’s mobile wallet with Google Chrome. Armstrong astutely observed that the persistence of this bug had far surpassed initial expectations, underscoring the intricate nature of technical intricacies the Coinbase team faces.

Undoubtedly, user experience has been a chronic concern within the crypto sphere. In an exclusive dialogue with Cointelegraph, an anonymous yet erudite Web3 UI/UX designer known as 0xDesigner offered a profound perspective. The designer attributed many of these issues to the inherently owner-centric and immutable attributes of blockchain-powered applications. The unyielding nature of these technologies introduces complexities that often manifest as challenges in crafting an intuitive user interface.

Amidst these challenges, Kirthana Devaser, the astute content manager at XGo, injected optimism into the conversation. Devaser emphasized the importance of relentlessly designing sleek, user-friendly interfaces while seamlessly integrating blockchain technology into the background. This harmonious integration, Devaser opines, will pave the way for an imminent tidal wave of mass adoption, marking the genesis of the crypto industry’s next evolutionary phase.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong’s candid admission of the app’s user experience vulnerabilities is a commendable step towards rectification. As the “Onchain Summer” event continues to captivate enthusiasts with its cascade of exciting innovations, Coinbase’s renewed commitment to addressing user feedback and swiftly implementing updates bodes well for a future where usability seamlessly coexists with the intricacies of blockchain technology. With industry thought leaders like Kirthana Devaser championing the cause of hidden blockchain interactions, the prospect of universal crypto adoption shines brighter.

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