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DeFi Interest Rate Set to Rise: Block Analytica Proposes Increase in Dai Savings Rate


In a significant move for the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, risk management firm Block Analytica has proposed to increase the Dai Savings Rate (DSR) from 1% to 3.3%. The DSR, a feature of the Maker protocol, allows users to earn a yield on DAI, one of the top stablecoins in the crypto market. This proposed increase has sparked interest and discussions within the DeFi community, as it could have far-reaching implications for borrowing and lending rates across various platforms.

The Significance of DSR:

Sam MacPherson, the co-founder of the Spark Protocol, has described the DSR as the “cost of capital in DeFi.” By raising the DSR to 3.3%, liquidity becomes scarcer, increasing supply-borrow rates across secondary markets. This adjustment could result in a capital shift from other lending protocols to MakerDAO, as it offers higher rates than major platforms like Aave and Compound.

The Potential Impact:

With the proposed increase in the DSR, stablecoin rates within the DeFi ecosystem are likely to experience an upward trend. Traders may exchange their USDC and USDT for DAI and deposit them into the DSR. Alternatively, they might withdraw their DAI from other lending protocols and allocate it to the DSR. Reducing available stablecoins for borrowing across DeFi could ripple effect on interest rates throughout the ecosystem.

MakerDAO’s Role:

MakerDAO, with its MKR governance token, is a significant player in the DeFi space. The protocol currently holds the position as the second-largest in terms of value locked, with $6.75 billion. The increase in DSR is a part of MakerDAO’s ongoing “Endgame” plan, initiated by founder Rune Christensen, aimed at implementing substantial changes within the protocol.

Alternative Perspectives:

While the proposed increase in the DSR has generated excitement, not everyone sees depositing DAI into the DSR as the only option. Brice Berdah, head of growth at Liquity, highlights that their Stability Pool has historically offered higher yields on the LUSD stablecoin. This suggests that different lending protocols may have their own advantages and appeal to various users based on their specific needs.

The Road Ahead:

MakerDAO’s governance is yet to approve the increase in the DSR, but industry experts, like MacPherson, anticipate a high likelihood of approval. A vote is scheduled for June 7, which could mark the official implementation of the proposed changes. MakerDAO’s continuous evolution, including reducing its dependence on USDC and introducing real-world assets to back DAI, signifies the protocol’s commitment to adapt and improve.

Block Analytica’s proposal to raise the Dai Savings Rate has garnered attention in the DeFi space, with its potential to influence borrowing and lending rates across the ecosystem. The decision to increase the DSR from 1% to 3.3% could attract more capital to MakerDAO, potentially reshaping the dynamics of stablecoin rates in DeFi. As the vote approaches, the DeFi community eagerly anticipates the outcome and its impact on the broader ecosystem.


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