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DOT’s Warranted Celebration May Not Have Metrics in Attendance Because…

The most recent compilation of all of the events and developments that the team has to offer to its audience was published on the official Twitter account for Polkadot [DOT] Network. The tweet that was sent out on the 17th of April included a lot of fascinating new advancements that were the most recent on the ecosystem.

One of the new things that were introduced was the unveiling of the peak network on Polkadot’s connection with the service. The integration was designed to provide automation and artificial intelligence to peer-to-peer applications.

Another noteworthy event that occurred during the time period covered by the Polkadot roundup was related to the NFT marketplace operated by Polkadot. According to the most recent report provided by Polkadot, Raresama has experienced tremendous expansion over the course of the previous year. Additionally, starting January 2023, there has been a considerable increase in the total amount of NFTs that are traded on the market.

According to data provided by Santiment, DOT’s social dominance was nothing near the levels it reached in February. In addition, at the time of publication, the social dominance of DOT was not in the greatest possible shape. This suggested that there was not much conversation taking on on the social front around DOT. In addition, the weighted sentiment provided by DOT did not present a favorable picture of the alternative cryptocurrency.

At the time of publication, the DOT’s weighted sentiment has seen a decline, in contrast to its most recent spike, which occurred on 11 April. Despite the fact that there was a spike in development activity as of the 17th of April, the measure has not been at its best since the beginning of April. A little improvement, on the other hand, might be an indication of a favorable development environment on the network.


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