ESPN Launches Online Gaming With Bitcoin Facility

sam | Bitcoin World

As Bitcoin continues to grow across the world, leading sports website ESPN, has launched an online gaming which studded with Bitcoin facility.

The fact that ESPN has made the move to allow Bitcoin withdrawal and deposit facility shows how much the leading cryptocurrency has captured the market.

In a statement, released by the company, it said that Cryptopay will be used by the company to make transactions a lot quicker and safe for the users.

Cryptocurrency payment specialist ‘Cryptopay’ is being used by ESPN Global, to make the process a lot simpler, swift and secure,” the company announced. Users can choose a game or join a group of participants to compete in real-time and be awarded on the basis of highest score.

The Global director of the company also said that the company has been attracted to blockchain and believes that it will be massively benefited from the move.

“As per a research done by 3EA Limited, a global strategic management consulting group, e-sports and online gaming is a $140 billion global industry driven predominantly by digital micro-transaction economies, which we believe will benefit immensely from the integrity and resilience of the Blockchain technology,” he said.

The game will also be integrated for the Satoshi platform.

“With this $1 million puzzle game Satoshi’s Treasure, we are promising a bounty-laden bitcoin wallet whose keys will be divided into 1,000 fragments, spawning a global hunt for the prize pieces,” said Parker.



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