July 25, 2024

Introduction: Gaming Industry Today And Blockchain

The blockchain ecosystem is rapidly expanding, affecting an increasing number of people every day. While the technology is mostly employed in bitcoin networks, it also enables new solutions in a variety of industries.

The great majority of online games today use a centralized paradigm. This means that all connected data is saved on a server that the game managers have complete control over.

Account information and server history are typically included in the data, which records and maintains all events and in-game assets obtained by the players (such as collectibles, items, and virtual money).

Players do not have true ownership of their accounts or things because the database is owned by a single business. Furthermore, centralized servers have numerous limits and vulnerabilities, including:

  • Server malfunction due to technical issues
  • System infiltration by hackers
  • Game shut down
  • Undeserved ban of accounts
  • Lack of transparency regarding game mechanics and rates
  • Manipulation of the game economy by developers and administrators

In other words, game developers wield enormous power. Fortunately, blockchain technology can eliminate or alleviate the majority of these issues.

A blockchain-based system, as a distributed database, can be used to verify and secure all types of digital data, including in-game history, digital items, and tokenized assets. The fundamental concept is to remove control away from gaming firms and give it back to users.

This manner, each player has complete control over their accounts and digital assets, and they can exchange them at any time. There are numerous approaches to creating and sustaining a blockchain game.

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