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ETH CC Conference To Go Live This Week with ETH 2 Update

Last year we saw the ETH conference introduce the EIP 1559 protocol that introduced burning the ETH gas fees. This year we have the ETH CC conference slated for July 19 to 22 and it aims to bring the best minds under one umbrella. 

What is the Agenda?

The agenda of the conference is to bring the perfect amalgamation of DAO, DeFi, Metaverse, NFTs, P2E and other components of the Web 3 on a single platform. That said, it will perfectly bring the Web 3.0 space a notch closer to changing the concept of decentralization of ownership.  

On top of this, the conference will also be especially focusing on social impact, sustainability, Web 3, Social Media and legality. 

However, the main point of attraction is the Merge. The conference has taken the Merge as the basic or key point that will help drive more adoption of ETH. Right now, the  crypto rhetoric has been around sustainability and green energy. With the introduction of the merge, it will reach a new dimension. In this dimension, crypto will be getting sustainability, scalability and economy of operation to drive the scale up and higher. 


In the ETH CC conference, there will be over 200 speakers with the likes of the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin who will be speaking on Web 3.0, scalability and the future of blockchain in the coming years. 

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