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Ethereum Dencun Update Set for Launch as Price Soars Above $4K; $GFOX Prepares for Retail Debut

Set for March 13, the Ethereum blockchain will receive the Dencun upgrade, aiming to enhance its rollup-centric strategy. This will improve the network’s ability to serve as a database for Layer-2 blockchains, making data storage both cheaper and simpler. This update could significantly boost Ethereum’s current $4K market value. 

It’s not just Ethereum feeling the excitement; ERC20 tokens are also benefiting. Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), for example, has seen its market cap jump to $4.3 million, with its price increasing from $0.00066 to $0.002376.

With the Dencun upgrade on the horizon, it’s worth considering how to adjust your ERC20 tokens list to take advantage of the anticipated changes.


How to Prepare for Dencun Upgrade

The upcoming Ethereum upgrade aims to cut costs dramatically, changing how transactions are processed, especially for Layer-2 users. This update is focused on turning Ethereum into a more efficient distributed database for other blockchain initiatives, enhancing its ability to support a vast number of users on layer-2 networks. This could lead to a significant influx of new users to the Ethereum network, potentially expanding its market reach.

Ethereum is set to leverage rollups and Layer-2 solutions to decrease transaction fees and boost processing speed. Layer-2 solutions build on Ethereum’s foundation to tackle scalability and data issues more efficiently, while rollups take care of processing transactions away from the main network.

The anticipation surrounding the announcement of this upgrade has propelled the price of $ETH past $4,000, a milestone it hasn’t seen in over two years. This excitement is expected to continue, highlighting ERC20 tokens. For those looking into opportunities before the Dencun upgrade, now is an excellent time to explore promising and affordable Ethereum-based projects.


Why Should You Add $GFOX to Your ERC20 Tokens List?

Thanks to its engaging play-to-earn game, $GFOX is on its way to becoming a favorite among meme coins. This game might seem simple since it’s just about running, but it gets interesting with the rewards for players in weekly and monthly contests. These contests make the game competitive, especially for those who aren’t naturally good at it. However, Galaxy Fox helps out by offering special items and boosters to improve your character, which can help you get into the top 20% of players.

But there’s more to Galaxy Fox than just the game. The project also has a staking system called Stargate. This system takes 2% of every Galaxy Fox transaction and puts it into a pool. Then, it gives these rewards to people who agree to lock up their coins for a while, supporting the growth of Galaxy Fox.

Right now, Galaxy Fox is finishing up its ninth presale stage, having raised $4.3 million, and the tokens are selling fast. Why are people so eager? It’s because of how the presale is set up – the price increases at each new presale stage. The token started at $0.00066 and is now at $0.002376. There’s going to be one more price jump before the final launch price of $0.002904.

Ethereum’s success, together with the overall positive movements on the DeFi front and reawakening interest toward meme coins, will greatly benefit $ GFOX. It has all the attributes it needs to thrive, and these external factors will help it confidently leave its mark on the market and stand out as the best ERC20 coin in the ecosystem.



Final Remarks

Dencun upgrade looks very promising for analysts, developers, crypto users, and ordinary investors. It will introduce the enhancements that will greatly benefit all the Ethereum-related projects. So, if you want to stay ahead of the market, it’s wise to update your ERC20 tokens list and give top priority to the best ICO presales, like $GFOX. They are likely to offer the best returns.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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