Fantasy.Top Creators to Receive Nearly 600 ETH in Rewards
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Fantasy.Top Creators to Receive Nearly 600 ETH in Rewards

  • Heroes featured in the on-chain trading card game, Fantasy.Top, have collectively earned almost 600 ETH, but not everyone is happy.

Fantasy.Top, the trading card and fantasy sports hybrid built on Ethereum Layer 2 Blast, has just distributed its second round of in-game rewards to creators.

Creators are set to receive 600 ETH worth of rewards by May 24. Creators are now able to claim their share of ETH royalties, Blast Gold, which is akin to Blast points, and Fantasy Stars, an in-game reward with a currently unknown use case.

Creators in the Fantasy.Top ecosystem, known as heroes, earn royalties and other in-game rewards based on their card’s performance and trading volume.

The first round of creator royalties was distributed on May 6, and a window has now opened from May 21 to May 23 for Heroes to claim their rewards.

Fantasy.Top founder Travis Bickle said “We want to match the on-chain claim with an option for heroes to share their rewards granularly with their card holders” in an interview.

Heroes are entitled to a 1.5% fee of trading volume on their card, and a split of 10% of the total mint revenues. 

Total trading fees have been volatile, but have declined by over 50% between May 13 to May 19. 

Minting fees have declined drastically since Fantasy.Top’s inaugural week, seeing a drop of over 90% since May 7. If these trends continue the accrual of Hero royalties is also expected to slow down.

Fantasy.Top is currently one of the top 15 revenue generating dApps in DeFi over the last 30 days. The protocol has amassed $12.2m in fees and revenue since its launch day on May 1, solidifying it as the highest earning Blast-native dApp at this time.

Despite earning ETH royalties, Blast Gold, and in-game rewards, some creators have voiced concerns over the lack of clarity on both the scoring algorithm and rewards distributions.

Well known investor Gmoney said “my unsolicited advice for @fantasy_top_ is to make how scoring is calculated public so people can base decisions on knowing who gets what…”.

Bickle responded with a quote tweet from May 17, where he said “we will probably disclose more information on how the score gets calculated” once they have settled on their preferred scoring models.

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