Filecoin Mainnet Goes Live

Filecoin mainnet (Courtesy: Twitter)
Filecoin mainnet (Courtesy: Twitter)

According to an official announcement, via a blog post, Today around 3pm UTC the Filecoin Mainnet went live!

“This moment marks the culmination of years of innovation and hard work. From the early days designing the novel proofs of storage and replication that are fundamental to trustlessly incentivize storage growth, to the advanced systems engineering required to bring such a complex decentralized marketplace into existence, to the amazing ecosystem of tools and projects that have integrated with Filecoin to make the network more powerful and accessible — we have come so far as a community,” the official blog mentioned.

“Together, you have helped upgrade the web with an open, decentralized, verifiable storage layer. The Filecoin network represents a completely new way to store and retrieve data peer-to-peer – secured by cryptographic proofs to verify data is uniquely stored and replicated over time. With Filecoin, anyone can participate as a storage provider, monetize their open hard drive space, and help store humanity’s most important information. This provides an important incentive layer for IPFS, the InterPlanetary File System – enhancing the existing web3 storage infrastructure already used by thousands of projects and developers.

“Building a blockchain is like building a software rocket – and it takes an immense and talented team to make it possible. Huge thank you to everyone who dedicated their time, ideas, and expertise to make Filecoin a reality,” it added.