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Nevros Joins Hands With Decentralized Video Platform Theta Network

Nervos, a China originated blockchain, today announced a new partnership with THETA.tv, a decentralized video application powered by Theta Network, to bring exclusive live...

UK Chancellor Sets Plan For Financial Services

Following the UK’s departure from the EU, the government’s approach to financial services will be guided by what is right for the UK and...

Filecoin Storage Gains Momentum Amid FIL Lending Surge

The total storage power on Filecoin has grown over 40% since a Chinese miners’ standoff in mid-October, which resulted in an upgrade to the network’s...

DragonEx To Launch Solution To Allow Withdrawals

Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange DragonEx published an update stating that it will introduce a temporary plan to allow withdrawal of crypto on its platform:  Due to the uncertainty of...

Ethereum Fundamentals Grow Strong Amid Staking Contract

Although Bitcoin has been stealing the spotlight as it hovers above $15,000, Ethereum has been keeping pace and has actually outperformed BTC so far...

HEX Airdrop Token Registers Massive Collapse

Linked to the potentially fraudulent HEX Project, Axion promised to be the most profitable blockchain of its kind — but it didn’t deliver. Despite...

Lightning Labs Launches Liquidity Marketplace

Lightning Labs, a startup focused on developing the Lightning Network, a Layer 2 payment channel network for Bitcoin, has launched a new marketplace for...

Ripple Chief Brad Garlinghouse Shows Concern About XRP

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse is responding to concerns about the crypto asset XRP. In a new interview with Bloomberg, Brad Garlinghouse addresses claims that as the...

Bitcoin Surpasses $12,400 Mark With 4% Growth

Bitcoin has rose above the $12000 mark and continues to look stronger. This development comes after the cryptocurrency was languishing between the $10,000 to...

Kik Interactive Inc Consents Court Judgement For SEC Penalty

Kik Interactive Inc. has consented to a court judgment imposing a $5 million civil penalty by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) following the...



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