First-Ever Litecoin Debit Card Set To Be Launched

Litecoin Debit Card (Courtesy: Interactive Crypto)
Litecoin Debit Card (Courtesy: Interactive Crypto)

The first-ever Litecoin native Visa Debit card is set to be launched, BlockCard announced on Friday. Incidentally, it is the second time that the cryptocurrency is attempting to launch a Litecoin debit card, according to its founder Charlie Lee.

The previous attempt with LitePay did not work as the company was also later dissolved. Lee, however, mentioned that this debit card will be important as it not only supports cryptocurrency but also the printed currency.

“There are other crypto debit cards available today that support Litecoin, but they only support funding with LTC. This card is natively LTC, so funds are kept in LTC until you swipe the card,” Lee said.

Lee also mentioned that there are not many Litecoin maximalist. He also feel that customers for this card will also be holding other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

“I don’t think that even exists. Most Litecoiners support and hold BTC also.”

It has been reported by coininsider that, at the time of launch, users of the card will be able to deposit twelve of the leading cryptocurrencies and 300 users have already signed up for it.