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Gotta Catch NFTs? The Pokémon Company Is Hiring a Web3 Expert

What about Pokémon on the blockchain? Several developers have tried and failed to bring the video game franchise’s monster-battling premise to life on Web3, but The Pokémon Company has yet to make a move in the space. A new job listing suggests that this may be changing.

The Pokémon Company, a collaboration between Nintendo and game creators Game Freak and Creatures, has posted a job advertisement for a Corporate Development Principal, a position that would advise the company’s leadership on strategy and investigate new technologies. And the company is searching for someone who is already well-versed in the Web3 area.

The firm specifically seeks someone with “strong knowledge and awareness of Web3, including blockchain technology, NFT, and/or metaverse.” Nonetheless, it prefers applicants who are “deeply connected to a network of investors and entrepreneurs in the technological industries mentioned above (Web3).” and The listing does not provide a clear sense of prospective Web3 moves by The Pokémon Company, whether they are NFTs or a blockchain-based game. Decrypt contacted the corporation for comment on potential Web3 ambitions, but did not receive an instant response.

Yet, the description indicates a function that will help drive innovation at the 24-year-old corporation behind what has been dubbed the world’s most valuable entertainment franchise. The Corporate Development Principal, for example, will create an internal “innovation challenge” and investigate prospective relationships with external corporations regarding new technology.

The Pokémon Company is in charge of the long-running franchise’s enormous array of games, media, and goods, which includes console and mobile games, TV shows and movies, toys and apparel, and other initiatives and tie-ins. Nintendo does not control the Pokémon franchise, but it does publish all of its console video games outside of Japan.

Pokémon’s monster-collecting philosophy of “must catch ’em all” could be a good fit for NFT-based games or even valuable digital goods. In the lack of an approved offering, other teams have attempted to create a similar concoction.

Pixelmon, the most well-known unofficial example, sold $70 million in NFTs early last year before unveiling artwork that was widely mocked—even the company’s CEO conceded that the art reveal was a “terrible blunder.” In an attempt to save the project, a new leadership team came over in September and released improved artwork and a revised roadmap.


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