Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Nissan’s Metaverse
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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Nissan’s Metaverse

  • Nissan launched a metaverse experience called “Heritage Cars & Safe Drive Studio” on March 7.
  • The studio features three iconic Nissan models in virtual environments to celebrate Nissan’s 90th anniversary.
  • Exhibits include the Silvia Q’s S13, Skyline 2000GTX-E, and a 1950s-60s American diner setting, focusing on safety and history.
  • The experience is available on the Meta Quest headset, adding to Nissan’s existing virtual offerings.

Yesterday, Nissan Motor Co. unveiled a metaverse experience that’s all about history and safety, named “Heritage Cars & Safe Drive Studio.” 

Celebrating Nissan’s illustrious 90-year journey, the studio showcases three of Nissan’s legendary models, each residing in a virtual world that mirrors the era it ruled. 

This is a bridge connecting the past to the present, wrapped up in an immersive virtual experience. 

So, what’s on display? First off, there’s the Silvia Q’s S13, a name that echoes through the halls of drifting fame. 

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Here, visitors get to admire its beauty as well as learn about the real-world implications of pedestrian clothing colors on driving safety.

Moving on, the second exhibit offers a mini-game that’s not just for kicks. It’s a lesson in multitasking and driving, showcasing how a split second can change everything on the road. 

And for the car enthusiasts, there’s the Skyline 2000GTX-E, a giant in the tuner world, thanks to its fame in video games and movies.

The final stop takes you back to the American 50s and 60s, complete with a diner and drive-in theater setting. 

Here, participants get hands-on with a steering wheel spin exercise, blending nostalgia with education. It’s a full-circle moment, from the past to the present, teaching lessons that span decades. 

This metaverse experience, accessible via the Meta Quest headset, isn’t Nissan’s first tap into virtual reality. 

They’ve been paving the way since their virtual test drive in 2022.

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With the advent of more sophisticated AR and VR hardware, including Apple’s mixed-reality headset, the race for immersive tech heats up, with Nissan firmly in the fray. But what does the world think of this digital evolution? 

A study by researchers in the United Arab Emirates sheds some light, analyzing over 86,000 social media posts to gauge public sentiment towards the metaverse. 

53% expressed positive views and a machine learning model accuracy of 92.6%.


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