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$IMX, $STX and $KAS Bleed Further While $OP and $GFOX Reach New Highs

$IMX, $STX, $KAS, $OP, and $GFOX are some of the tokens crypto enthusiasts have been investing in since the beginning of the year. However, only $OP and $GFOX have returned significant gains as the other tokens keep trending down. Interestingly, $GFOX is still regarded as the best alternative with the highest potential to grow and deliver more gains to investors. The token has already proven it by rallying in presale and raising an incredible $4 million.


$IMX Dips Despite Joining Top 40 Cryptos by Market Cap

Immutable is a crypto platform focusing on online gaming and NFTs on the web3 network. In February, its token, $IMX reached a significant milestone by entering the leading 40 cryptocurrencies based on market cap. The token also increased in price by climbing from $1.79 to $3.61 between January 23 and February 20. However, the token’s value dipped by 9% to trade at its current market price of $3.27.  


$STX Token Price Drops 18% Between February and March

Stacks is the cryptocurrency that uses $STX as its exchange medium. As a Bitcoin Layer for smart contracts, the cryptocurrency enables smart contracts and decentralized applications to use Bitcoin as an asset and handle transactions on the Bitcoin network. $STX currently ranks 34th by market capitalization and 98th by volume, as per Coinmarketcap, a crypto data tracking platform. However, the token is now down in price by 18%, declining from $3.38 to $2.77 between February 28 and March 7.  


$KAS Down 22.9% Despite Being a Fast Layer-1 Blockchain

Kaspa is widely regarded as the fastest Layer-1 blockchain that uses a special algorithm that fosters scalability, efficiency, and high transaction speed. The token has been in the market for a long and has shown resilience through 2021’s overall market pullback. However, it has been on a downtrend since February 28, decreasing by 22.9% from $0.1854 to its current price of around $0.143. 


$OP Holders Now Profitable as Optimism Hits 1 Million Addresses

Optimism is a layer-two blockchain founded on Ethereum. With over $500 million in Total Value Locked  (T.V.L.) and a home to 97 protocols, it boasts as one of Ethereum’s most significant scaling solutions. IntoTheBlock, a crypto data analytic platform, recently revealed that all $OP addresses have become profitable for the first time.\

On March 5, the platform tracked over 1 million addresses, and all were in profit. This implies that anyone holding $OP can now profit from their investments regardless of price level. $OP has been on an uptrend at approximately 65% since late January, with a current price of $4.55. 


Galaxy Fox: Meme Coin Blends NFTs, P2E & Treasury for High Yields

Not all tokens can or deliver profits for investors in their presales. However, $GFOX has showed impressive performances in its presales and has delivered huge profits for investors. $GFOX packs in several exciting features and techniques, giving it a higher potential than other coins to grow sustainably with multiple use cases.

One of the intriguing features in the Galaxy Fox ecosystem is its treasury, which serves as a centralized repository of assets within the ecosystem. This treasury has funds in terms of $GFIX tokens which are reserved to fund all the developmental and community initiatives that will be carried out on the platform.

Users can mint about 3000 unique NFTs on Galaxy Fox when it launches and these NFTs will be available to mint directly from Galaxy Fox official website. These NFTs can be used in the platform’s P2E game and can also be traded on NFT marketplace like OpenSea. Galaxy Fox also features its native marketplace where these NFTs can be traded as an alternative to third party NFT marketplaces.

Currently, at stage 8 of its presale, $GFOX will deliver a whopping 450% ROI for investors who joined the presale when it was in stage 1. It’s not too late to invest and enjoy profits on $GFOX, one token is currently selling for $$0.002178 and the price will increase further by 9% by the time the presale progresses to stage 9.




$OP and $GFOX are worth adding to investment portfolios for showing resilience, while other coins like $IMX, $STX, and $KAS experience market pressure. However, $GFOX should be preferred more as it’s nearing its launch, where its full potential will be unlocked, and a full blown bullish impulse of its price is expected.

Join Galaxy Fox today and enjoy the full potential of explosive web3 space. Visit the website to buy $GFOX tokens and join the telegram community for more updates.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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