India Crypto Uncertainties Continues, After Putting Off Cryptocurrency Policy Frame


India cryptocurrency sector continues living in uncertainties as they frame a law. Which of course, will signal its policy approach to the rapidly growing field.
Also, The india government is thinking about changes to the proposed bill.

Furthermore, The reasons are also for wider consultation because of evolving cryptocurrency regulation.

Also, this is in relation with India prime minister Narendra Modi’s comment at the virtual Summit. Particularly, for Democracy by US President Joe Biden on Dec. 11.

“We must also jointly shape global norms for emerging technologies like social media and…”
“cryptocurrencies so that they are used to empower democracy, not to undermine it,”
Then, Modi explains.

More so, lawmakers, media reports said, are also looking at the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) central bank digital currency (CBDC).

Notably, India central bank is explaining concerns over the potential threat to financial stability. Also, the country’s macro-economy from cryptocurrency.

Lastly, the government of India seems to want a regulation and not a ban, but the RBI is maintaining its position.

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