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Uniswap Community Considers To Deploy v3 On Polygon

As per trade volume, statistics reveal that Uniswap v3 commands the largest 24-hour trade volume. Of course, having $1.5 billion swapped during the last day. More so, Uniswap has $8.6 billion on December 19, 2021.

Notably, this is the second-largest TVL below Curve Finance’s $21.8 billion TVL.

“The Uniswap community has voted to deploy v3 on Polygon through the governance process…”
“Uniswap Labs will deploy Uniswap v3 contracts within a few days. Stay tuned,”

Notably, it adopts two layer-two (L2) protocols including, Arbitrum One and Optimism.

More so, Both of these protocols leverage optimistic rollups in order for users to save on transfer fees. While, it leverages on the Etheruem network.

Also, While shows it costs $31.74 to swap tokens onchain through layer-one (L1). Thereby, swaps using Arbitrum will cost $2.63 and swaps using Optimism will cost $2.29.

More so, Polygon’s CEO Mihailo Bjelic brings forth the Uniswap proposal on November 20. Then, says that “Polygon PoS can bring a lot of benefits” to the dex.
Also, Bjelic maintains that “Polygon PoS is battle-tested,”
and “Polygon is aligned with Ethereum and its values.”

Lastly, after Bjelic’a proposal, one supporter writes:

“I would love to see Uniswap v3 on Polygon chain. ETH fees [are] just killing all of us…”
“Polygon is the battle-tested solution which can save users from slow [transaction] and high fees.”

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