ITSMYNE is launching its IDO on CardStarter on 1st November


ITSMYNE by NFT Labs is a social-plus marketplace for officially license sports NFTs.

Also, It is backed by Longhash Ventures, Protocol Labs, Hype Sports Accelerator, Celo Camp and Antler Singapore.

The simple idea is to combine the trading and talking of authentic sports NFTs into one single product experience. This is even without a prior blockchain and crypto experience, with a community of sports enthusiasts

Furthermore, It will act as the bridge between the centralized and decentralized world. Of course, this is y unburdening the friction between the NFTs purchasers and their trade in the terms of data privacy and sovereignty.

Which in turn, is to protect the users and bring trust to the sports NFT experience.

ITSMYNE and Participants

More so, Participants will be able to authenticate and manage their NFTs in an accessible yet secure and private UI/UX by enabling decentralized authentication and verification.

These authentication and verification will be through the Hypersign protocol which will build a seamless user experience for the sports NFT community.

So, this will reduce dependency on third-party authentication methods like Google and Facebook.

Also, it will ensure a more private and secure marketplace.

This will increase user engagement on the ITSMYNE platform.

Lastly, ITSMYNE is launching its IDO on CardStarter on 1st November



Announcement channel:

Here is a firsthand video interview with Founder:


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