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MetaLaunch will Host MetaFighter Private IGO

Back in the day, gaming was synonymous with killing time. Today, it’s about technology, skills, and money. Metaverse and blockchain technology has changed the game for gaming.

We are elated to host the Private IGO for MetaFighter, a project that breathes new life to arcade fighting classics with a gripping gaming experience in the metaverse.

The Private IGO of MetaFighter on MetaLaunch: 22 Feb 2022 | 11 am UTC

Here is a quick intro to MetaFighter and what they bring to the crypto-metaverse gaming arena.

What is MetaFighter

MetaFighter is a skill-based Play-to-Earn fighting game that captures the essence of arcade fighting classics like Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter and Soul Calibur while delivering an in-game economy that rewards players for their combat prowess.

Players can purchase, lend or rent fighters and the arenas, the skins they adorn, and the superpowers they use to overcome their opponents. It comes with a vibrant NFT marketplace and lets players stake $MF tokens to gain an edge on their opponents.

Fight to Learn. Fight to Earn. Fight to Gain. It’s the ultimate metaverse fighting championship.

Why MetaFighter

More than 2 billion people play video games. That’s more than one-quarter of the Earth’s population. It’s a $170+ billion industry experiencing 10–12% annual growth. An enormous amount of value is created every day by both developers and players, alike.

MetaFighter means, you no longer have to be a professional to make money playing video games. The thriving amateur Fighting Game Community scene is one of the most famously passionate in the world, and MetaFighter can be the catalyst for its exponential growth. It will give those players that have kept ancient games alive so long something back, and in doing so bring the rewards of the blockchain to one of the most fanatic fanbases in all of gaming.

MetaFighter is the first of its kind arcade fighter game on the blockchain. It is not just fun and exciting, but it revives the classic fighting game experience and offers players the opportunity to earn $MF token while competing with other players around the world.

At MetaLaunch, we believe that visionary projects are key to driving the growth of a novel industry. From an engrossing theme to a compelling reward system and an ambitious team, MetaFighter has all the right ingredients to draw gamers into the crypto-metaverse.

Whitelisting will soon begin!

MetaFighter Private IGO whitelisting will kick off in the coming days.

Follow MetaFighter and MetaLaunch on all social media platforms for more information about the whitelisting.

Let the Metaverse begin!!



MetaFighter is a skill-based Play-to-Earn fighting game which captures the essence of arcade fighting classics like Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter and Soul Calibur while delivering an in-game economy that rewards players for their combat prowess.

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