Metaverse Could Become a Trillion Dollar Industry, Grayscale Predicts


Metaverse is overtaking the NFT hype in this bull season. Notably, more mainstream projects aim to enter virtual reality in the near future.
So, A Grayscale research report has predicts the number of Metaverse users is up by 10X in one and a half year.

Furthermore, The report predicts that the Metaverse universe may continues to flourish at the current rate. Therefore, leading it to become a trillion-dollar industry by next year.

So, Recent chart shows the growing number of Metaverse wallets is hitting new highs in the last quarter of 2021.

Victoria | Bitcoin World

More so, Metaverse has already hit the entertainment and real estate industry despite its early stage.
Notably, As per the report, Metaverse would be the key to Web 3.0 quite similar to what Facebook does for Web 2.0.

Conclusively, the Web 3.0 Metaverse has the potential to do the same as web 2.0 and more.

Lastly, The Web 3.0 based economy is already a trillion-dollar industry in making. Of course, this lead oganizations like Facebook to do a complete branding overhaul.

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