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Microsoft Goes Into Metaverse with Teams Updates and Xbox upgrades

So, U.S. tech giant Microsoft is joining the Metaverse through updates to its Teams and Xbox gaming console services.
Also, together with a new product “Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces.”

Furthermore, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella reveals the firm’s Metaverse plans. Notably, this is for Teams and Spaces, as Nadella says on Nov. 2 during the Microsoft Ignite conference.

“The Metaverse enables us to embed computing into the real world and to embed…”
“the real world into computing. Bringing real presence to any digital space…”
“What’s most important is that we are able to bring our…”
“humanity with us, and choose how we want to experience this world,”

Then, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella notes.

“The metaverse is here, and it’s not only transforming how we see the world but how we…”
“participate in it – from the factory floor to the meeting room. Take a look.”
— Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Of course, this will get users with personalized digital avatars and immersive spaces. In order, to meet in the Metaverse
“that can be accessed from any device, with no special equipment needed.”

Additionally, The update for Microsoft Teams “Mesh” and its initial rollout in 2022.

More so, the organizations will build custom spaces to support contexts such as meetings or “social mixers.”

More so, Microsoft new Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces product is ready for its first preview in December 2021.
Also, it will give access to organizations to combine Metaverse and artificial intelligence (AI) tech with their businesses.

So, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella explains during an interview with Bloomberg TV on Nov. 3. Of course, how Microsoft’s video game firm Xbox will “absolutely” integrate the Metaverse into its gaming lines.

Notably, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella provides little updates for the gaming sector.

“You can absolutely expect us to do things in gaming,” Nadella says.

Then, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella continues.

“If you take Halo as a game, it is a Metaverse. Minecraft is a Metaverse,..”
“and so is Flight Sim. In some sense, they’re 2D today and the question is…”
“can you now take that to a fully 3D world, and we absolutely plan to do so.”

Lastly, Microsoft is not the only mainstream giant with Metaverse plans this week. Also, Nike files applications for trademarks of its iconic logo and slogan for use in
“online virtual worlds.”

Notably, The firm posts also two recent job listings for virtual material designers.

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