Microsoft To Alert Crypto Users About New Malware

Microsoft (Courtesy: Twitter)
Microsoft (Courtesy: Twitter)
Microsoft (Courtesy: Twitter)
SPORTZWIKI Microsoft (Courtesy: Twitter)

Tech giant Microsoft warns crypto investors that a new malware that targets Windows users and steals sensitive financial data is now out in the wild.

In a series of tweets, the Microsoft Security Intelligence (MSI) has issued an alert that crypto holders who are also using Windows are at risk from a new malware dubbed as Anubis.

“A new info-stealing malware we first saw being sold in the cybercriminal underground in June is now actively distributed in the wild. The malware is called Anubis and uses code forked from Loki malware to steal system info, credentials, credit card details, cryptocurrency wallets.”

Though Anubis bears the name of an Android banking malware, MSI confirms that it’s completely unrelated. Microsoft’s threat protection team also explains that the malware appears to have a limited range of targets. 

“Anubis is deployed in what appears to be limited, initial campaigns that have so far only used a handful of known download URLs and C2 servers.”

In addition, Anubis appears to be manageable. Users can rely on Microsoft Defender to stop the malware on its tracks. 

“Microsoft Defender ATP detects the new malware as PWS:MSIL/Anubis.G!MTB. We will continue to monitor this threat for the possible expansion of these campaigns.”



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