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Mike Flood introduced a Crypto friendly bill.

Mike Flood introduced a Crypto friendly bill.

Nebraska signs law to authorize the Chartered state banks to custody Crypto. Telcoin, a cryptocurrency firm co-authored the bill. The Nebraska financial innovation act was one of Senator Flood’s first initiatives.


The bill got introduced scarcely two weeks after being sworn into the office. Moreover, the bill will authorize digital asset depositories’ regulation. It is done by creating a new state banking charter tailored to digital asset-backed Financial Services.


Moreover, the Republican lawmakers are outnumbering the democratic almost 2 to 1 in the state legislature. The bill will get signed into the law as legislative Bill 647. he act means that Financial Institutions like banks, building, and loan associates can operate digital asset depositary businesses.


Nebraska will provide charter, operation, supervision, and regulation. Moreover, the United States or a foreign state agency can charter the institutions under the terms of the act.


Telcoin is a telecom-focused blockchain firm that operates services on the Ethereum network. Moreover, the firm has been actively involved in the drafting of the bill. The company also found a ready partner in Senator Flood.

Fintech Hub

Moreover, he began the year by pledging to make Nebraska into a fintech hub. In addition, there is a parallel initiative, the Transactions in Digital Assets Act which is underway. Finally, he spoke to the reporters in January. He said that one of the things that they need to do is create high-paying high skilled jobs.

Create Jobs

They also need to create jobs that bring wealth into the community. They have been working with someone known for a very long time, and he is in the cryptocurrency business. So there is an excellent opportunity in this area.

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