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Paco, YouTuber tests Bitcoin use cases in several nations, from tuk tuks to COVID tests

In September, a YouTuber, Paco embarked on a mission to see whether he could go to 40 different countries purely using Bitcoin as a form of payment.

YouTuber Paco De La India — or “Paco from India” — told Cointelegraph on Monday that while the expansion of omicron had affected his initial vacation plans. Then, he was nevertheless amazed at how many individuals had accepted Bitcoin (BTC) in places. Of course, where crypto was illegal or regulated.

Paco began his voyage in the Indian city of Bengaluru in September 2021. That’s, selling his things and relying primarily on BTC donations to support his adventure. Of course, which has took him across India, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, and Cambodia.

The YouTuber, who prefers non-custodial wallets. Then, and Lightning for BTC transactions, had intended to tour 40 nations for ten days apiece. However, COVID regulations forced him to change his plans. Paco is avoiding required quarantines, many countries’ mandates that travelers stay within their borders for at least 14 days. Then, and the extra expenditures of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests.

Paco claims that two people doing his COVID test in India for passage to the UAE received BTC without difficulty in lieu of fiat rupees.

In addition, he was able to work out a deal with Thai test takers for a PCR test. Inorder, to allow him to fly to Cambodia. Part of the rationale for the acceptance of crypto payments. That’s, according to the YouTuber, is that officials are more concerned with confirming immunization certificates than COVID tests.

“At the end of the day, it’s a piece of paper,”
Then, Paco explains.
“It’s just a piece of paper [for] which [there] is no way possible to verify.”
” The only thing that they’re checking right now is the vaccine, because of the QR code.”

Paco added that, in addition to COVID experiments, he had been able to survive on Bitcoin as a mode of payment by coincidence, never pressing crypto on an unsuspecting person and being amazed at how many random vendors were willing to accept it. According to the YouTuber, he was obliged to skip most public transportation in these four nations and instead fuel his bike with his debit card, but he was meeting more people on the ground.

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