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Peter Brandt Predicts Huge Rally Incoming for Litecoin

Top trader, Peter Brandt expressed his bullish trend for BTC. More so, Noting he’s also bullish on Litecoin, say rally is coming.

Furthermore, Peter Brandt reveals to his 580,000 Twitter followers about Litecoin’s rally. Then, saying its in position for a massive run after breaking through resistance from its September peak of $239.12.

So, Peter Brandt explains
“Litecoin has broken above September high on expanding…”
“volume and WBBs so expect retest of 2021 high at $395 or so.”

More so, there’s no clear definition of what WBBS is from Peter Brandt.

Although, He may be talking about wide-bodied bars ie. The body of the candles getting wider. Also, the weekly Bollinger bands, which is a common trading indicator currently displaying expansion for LTC.

According to Brandt findings, both indicators point to a bullish trend for the crypto asset.

Additionally, LTC is seeing increase to $283.94 highs after it’s low of around $193 this week, representing 47% increase.

More so, Peter Brandt is also bullish on Bitcoin for long term.

“There is one thing in the markets I am absolutely sure of…”
“– the declining value of the US dollar. $1 when I was born is worth 8 cents today.”

Then, Peter continues.
“$1 today will likely be worthless when my grandkids are my age. BTC.”

Lastly, Peter Brandt states how he has much experience shorting various cryptocurrencies. Thereby, maintaining his positions since since April of 2019.

“Note to my trolls (assuming you can read).”
“Let me type this really slow so that you might understand”
“– I have only shorted cryptos once in my life (Nov 14, 2018).”

So, Peter adds.
“I have been continually long BTC since early Apr 2019.”
“I want Bitcoin price to go UP (spelled U P).”

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