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Pro Photographer Makes $109K Selling NFTs

According to reports, a struggling Chicago-based professional photographer made over $109,000 selling non-fungible tokens last year (NFTs).

According to a story on CNBC’s “Make it,” 36-year-old photographer Brittany Pierre was having trouble paying rent and buying groceries before resorting to NFTs to sell her work. Pierre told CNBC that her financial position was “touch and go,” and she was “very miserable” since she was living paycheck to paycheck.

In March 2021, Pierre first learnt about NFTs after her friend and fellow artist Elise Swopes sold an NFT of one of her pieces for roughly $17,600. Pierre was encouraged to do a “deep dive” into NFTs on Google and YouTube, learning everything she could.

She was able to sell her first NFT a month later, which led to a steady stream of sales of her other works (for hundreds of dollars each). These early sales are said to have occurred after a well-known NFT collector noticed her work on Twitter.

Pierre explains

“It was real hard to do $50 photoshoots, trying to peddle $30 prints.”
“I’d have bookings here and there, but it wasn’t sustainable…”
“That first couple of $200, $300 [NFT] sales was a lot for me.”
” That’s exactly what I needed to pay rent.”

Pierre began purchasing and flipping other artists’ NFTs for a profit in addition to selling her own.

So, She tells CNBC:

“Last year has been the first year that I could live completely abundantly, more with my heart,”
“than I ever have been able to… I’ve never had a job over $15 an hour, and last year,”
” I was able to make a little over $100,000.”

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