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Request Finance, a crypto finance management platform, is reimagining B2B payments

Request Finance, a crypto finance management tool, is poised to transform the course of B2B crypto payments by streamlining financial operations for crypto enterprises, who frequently manage teams of freelancers working remotely all over the world. Its goal is to assist in the development of a future financial system in which crypto assets become the standard in our economies.

Accounting is a business’s lifeblood. Maintaining meticulous records of payslips, bills, invoices. , and records is essential for keeping a frequent check on cash flow. Thereby, reducing unnecessary expenses, and keeping track of all impending and pending payments.

Request Finance, a project of Request Labs, is developing an integrated suite of financial tools that will eventually allow traditional businesses. Also, individuals, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), metaverse projects, freelancers. Then, and other upcoming crypto-native organizations to manage salaries, pay suppliers, and more with crypto assets.

Crypto Invoicing, Expenses and Payroll, and Accounting are among Request Finance’s most popular services.

Users that use crypto invoicing have access to a simple, visual dashboard that shows the current status of all bills. Then, and allows them to pay hundreds of bitcoin invoices with just a few clicks. It’s also compatible with a variety of accounting software. That’s, including Xero and Quickbooks, and automates the generation, scheduling. , and settlement of crypto invoices, making bookkeeping easier.

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