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Ripple launches an appeal of the DPP decision, arguing it’s simply seeking a “do-over.”

Ripple (XRP) has been in the headlines recently as a result of its ongoing legal battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the use of two previously leaked legal documents.

Ripple has filed an Opposition to the SEC and Judge Netburn’s deliberative process privilege (DPP) Ruling, according to defense attorney James K. Filan, who just alerted the XRP community.

The SEC wants the corporation to provide up notes written by Matthew Estabrook, former SEC Commissioner Elad Roisman’s lawyer; nevertheless, Filan points out that the SEC is simply seeking a “do-over.”

There was “a persuasive argument” that the intended tokens would not be subject to federal securities laws by making public the original file from February 2012 and the second memo; the corporation was revealing how it obtained its guidance, winning one battle in the court of public opinion.

The aforementioned notes, which were taken during a 2018 meeting between Elad Roisman and Brad Garlinghouse. So, were discovered in January 2022, when Estabrook was cleaning up his desk before leaving the SEC.

Ripple had previously requested that the SEC hand over the Estabrook notes after the SEC claimed the DPP. Then, and refused to hand them over to the firm. Ripple, on the other hand, claims that the notes are not under protection and, as a result, should be on public.

According to the company, the SEC documented Ripple CEO’s exit from the meeting. Thereby, leading the company to conclude that the SEC had acknowledged the legal “purgatory” created by regulatory ambiguity.
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