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Satoshi Nakamoto Deliberately Mined Less Bitcoin: Research

A new research, at an ongoing stage, has claimed that Satoshi Nakamoto has deliberately mined fewer blocks than possible in the earlier days of Bitcoin. 

Sergio Demain Lerner, co-founder of Bitcoin startup RSK, has said that “Satoshi,” a pseudonym for a 2009-2010 Bitcoin miner assumed to be Satoshi, may have kept his mining equipment off for the first 5 minutes of every “block interval” (or, the time between one block in Bitcoin’s blockchain and the next). 

It is believed that Satoshi is responsible for mining a large majority of blocks in Bitcoin. Lerner, with the help of researchers, in his ongoing blog and research has mentioned how many Bitcoin Satoshi may have mined before they left the project. 

The research has said that the figure can be around hundreds of thousands to a million Bitcoins as new evidence has emerged from patterns in how each early miner timestamped their mined blocks on Bitcoin’s blockchain. 

However, the evidence was complicated, when Bitcoin addresses which were assumed to hold coins owned by Satoshi were recently signed by their owner in an effort to prove that Bitcoin creator Craig Wright didn’t own the keys to these Bitcoin as he claimed in court documents.

Lerner has again thought about how many miners were active in the early days of Bitcoin. He is trying to figure out the addresses from these early mined blocks which really belong to Satoshi. 

Using the evidence, Lerner has found that Satoshi deliberately kept away from mining Bitcoin after a new block was just broadcast.

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